Masters of Design

The rich Indian history of crafts and design is peaking the interest of many individuals in the craft and design courses all over India. IICD, a reputed design institution, offers a full-fledged Masters of Design course in India for design aspirants seeking valuable knowledge along with hands-on experience. The course offers a holistic approach to promote experimentation and innovation in design and develop high quality, motivated human resource and agents of change. IICD offers an enriching M.Des. course in India that develops and refines the existing capabilities in craft and design of design enthusiasts.They exercise this by generating requisite knowledge and using relevant technology.IICD offers the Central University of Rajasthan recognized M.Des. course in India that includes self-directed study and professional projects in the classroom. At IICD, the students gain specialization in design with valuable guidance from experienced faculty and specialist technicians who employ excellent teaching methods and industry-relevant skills. The faculty brings in relevant learning for the students with the detailed research work and consultancy.

The M.Des. course monitors the progress of the students through tutorials, group critiques, work reviews, and juries. The institution brings valuable and realistic guidance for the students through top links in the design industry. The journey of a student pursuing post graduation in designing at IICD encompasses hands-on learning in connecting with various artisans, NGOs, and other experts. A student at IICD becomes a postgraduate in design with the brilliant opportunity to ‘live’ design a project, an opportunity for him/her to work with the market and a professional brief.

Candidates can pursue postgraduate in designing course at IICD under three categories: