Varta at IICD

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Varta is an initiative by IICD to bring together the community of artists, designers, craftsmen and thought leaders through interactive talk sessions.

Sl No. Speaker Topic Date Youtube Links Social Media Links
1 Petra Valentova (Sculptor & Textile Designer) and Iva Pfeiffer (Fashion Designer), Czech Artist Art and Craft: Identity and Influence 21/08/2017
2 Sonal Sawansukha, Jewellery Designer, Jaipur Jewel Saga 15/09/2017
3 Suresh K. Nair, Faculty, Benaras Hindu University, India Art spaces and public space: Art turning shabby walls and neglected garbage dumpsites into beautiful wall murals 31/10/2017
4 Sushma K Bahl, former Head, Arts & Culture, British Council India. Living Folk & Tribal Arts-Crafts of India 15/01/2018
5 Dr. Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan, Paris, France Pukka Indian 15/02/2018
6 Advocate Devendra Mohan Mathur Consumer Protection Laws in India 25/10/2018
7 Manisha Bairwa & Shammi Nanda Organic Farming 26/10/2018
8 Dr. Berit Hildebrandt, Lecturer at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany Ancient texts about silk and the Indian silk trade 24/12/2018
9 Dr. Arun Gupta, UMP, Malaysia Bio-composites, Bio-adhesives and Advanced Materials 11/07/2019
10 Abhimanyu Singh, Shilpi Dua & Kush Sustainable honeycomb paper furniture 19/07/2019
11 Kriti Gupta, Avinash Maurya and Shubham (Udaipur) Jajam baithak (people’s textile) 30/08/2019
12 Neha Rao Printing with air pollutant-SOOT  13/09/2019
13 Shilpi Batra Adwani Sheenkhalai..the blue skin, Costumes of the Pashtun women  18/10/2019
14 Rashmi Dhariwal (SETU Consortium) Role of Designers in Social, Economical & Environmental sustainability  17/01/2020
15 Mariel Manuel  (Swiss Textile designer) Understanding design through storytelling  24/01/2020 Click Now
16 Vivek Agarwal Art of Living  07/02/2020
17 Mojgan Jahanara, Textile Designer, University of Art, Tehran, Iran Form Creations in Asia & the idea of zero waste designing  24/02/2020 Click Now
18 Shikha Soni & Aastha Dhandhia (Global Shapers, Jaipur) Queerious Conversations  04/03/2020
19 Ms. Pradnya Deshpande (Psychological Counsellor, IICD) Stay positive during Lockdown 19/05/2020 Click Now
20 Prof. Bhargav Mistry (Ex. Dean, IICD) Profession & Passion a parallel passage 22/05/2020 Click Now Click Now
21 Dr. Madhu Choudhary (MD Paediatrics Director, IICD) Mr. Giriraj Singh Kuswaha (IAS, Retd.) Staying Healthy During Lockdown 26/05/2020 Click Now Click Now
22 "Shri Brij Ballabh Udaiwal (Craft Revivalist, National Award Winner) Prof. Meenakshi Singh (Course Coordinator, FP, UG, IICD) Indigo The Blue Gold - A story from Sanganer 29/05/2020 Click Now Click Now
23 Mr. Ravi Kumar (M.A, PGDYT, NDDY, Yogacyarya, IICD), Rashmi Pareekh (Deputy Registrar, Projects & Coordination, IICD) Staying Fit During Lockdown 02/06/2020 Click Now Click Now
24 Parul Agarwal (Founder: Kabbish) and Bhavya Goenka (Founder: IRO IRO) Young Designers & Their approach to entrepreneurship 05/06/2020 Click Now Click Now
25 Ms. Manya Pandit (Founder: Studio Trataka), Mr. Shiv Sharma (Co-Founder: Studio Trataka) Designers in the craft sector a candid discussion 12/06/2020 Click Now Click Now
26 Ms. Vandita Vijayvergiya (Founder: Clay Country), Mr. Abhi Gupta (Co-Founder: Krityam Crafts & Abhyasam Innovations MD continental Furniture) Art & Design A symbiotic Relationship in Modern World 19/06/2020 Click Now Click Now
27 Ishani Vashishtha (Co-founder: Ek'nama), Shivangini Rathore (Founder: Studio Malang) Future is Handmade 26/06/2020 Click Now Click Now
28 Ms. Neha Agarwal (Founder: House of Finery) Ms. Kirti Bhan (Founder: MEANDMOM Studio) Understanding Value Creation & Addition Through Design) 03/07/2020 Click Now Click Now
29 Mr. Abhishek Singhal (Abhishek Singhal Photography) Ms. Gitanjali (Studio Graapha) The Significance of Branding 10/07/2020 Click Now Click Now
30 Ms. Rameshwari Kaul (Co-founder: Cotton Rock) Mr. Vinayak Sharma (Co-founder: Cotton Rock) Body Shape - Perception vs Reality 31/07/2020 Click Now Click Now
31 Prof. Asha Baxi (Adjunct Professor, IICD) Ms. MoniCa Singh (Fashion Designer, New York) Power comes from within 14/08/2020 Click Now Click Now
32 Ms. Pooja Ratnakar (Co-Founder: Potli) Ms, Payal Nath (Co-Founder: Kadam) Future of Craft: Craft is the Future 21/08/2020 Click Now Click Now
33 Ms. Madhulika Singh ( Co-Founder: RASA) Mr. Manish Tiberwal (Co-Founder: RASA) Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication 25/08/2020 Click Now Click Now
34 Dr. Toolika Gupta (Director, IICD) Ms. Helene Thebault (Head of Study India Studio, L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique) Ms. Charlotte Esnou (Head of International Relations, Beaux-Arts Nantes St Nazaire) Ms. Somya Jatwani (Manager, Campus France) Higher Education in Art and Design in France 04/09/2020 Click Now Click Now
35 Mr. Basu Vansit (Assistant Prof. IICD) Mr. Naveen Sharma (Tarakshi Artisan) Mr. Ramdayal Sharma (Tarakshi Artisan - National State Awardee) Tarakshi - the art of metal inlay on wood 9/10/2020 Click Now Click Now
36 Dr. Madan Meena Mapping Cultures- art, craft & traditions 23/10/2020 Click Now Click Now
37 Ms. Radha Kumari- Sikki artisan Sikii Art 06/11/2020 Click Now Click Now
38 Mr. Amit Vijaya and Mr. Richard Panda Handmade Luxury 27/11/2020 Click Now Click Now
39 Vipin Vishwanath, Puppetry, Kerala Light enhances shadows 11/12/2020 Click Now Click Now
40 Ramkishor Derawala- Padmashri awardee block printer, Bagru Bagru Block Printing-traditions & transition 18/12/2020 Click Now
41 KiritChitara- Mata ni Pachedi artisan, Ahmedabad Mata ni Pachedi- the sacred textile 15/01/2021 Click Now Click Now
42 Shyam Lata- Koftgiri artisan, Udaipur The royal craft of Koftgiri 29/01/2021 Click Now Click Now
43 Mr. Abdhesh Kumar Karn Madhubani- the congruence of tradition & art 12/02/2021 Click Now Click Now
44 Mr. Ram Jatan Prajapati Black Pottery- the journey of its evolution 26/02/2021 Click Now
45 Mr. Deepankar Bhattacharyya Beyond Business design for social equity 12/03/2021 Click Now Click Now
46 Mr. Niraj Dave Pottery meets Design: Collaboration for Sustainable Future 19/03/2021 Click Now Click Now
47 Mr. Rananjai Singh Design through lenses 14/05/2021 Click Now
48 Mr. Chandra Vijai Singh Design Versatility 28/05/2021 Click Now
49 Mr. Abhimanyu Singh & Ms. Shilpi Dua The Creative Journey-from roots to fruits 23/07/2021 Click Now
50 Ms. Neerja Palisetty The role of Recycling and Upcycling in Design 13/08/2021 Click Now
51 Mr. Sandeep Verma Applied Research & Innovation in Fashion Industry 27/08/2021 Click Now
52 Ms. Anjali Jain Living Archives of Hand-Block Printing in Bagru 21/09/2022 Click Now
53 Mr. Amit Goyal Journey of Maathani - pottery culture of Theekarda 14/09/2022 Click Now
54 Mr. Sandeep Varma Design Thinking, Lateral Thinking and Innovation 13/07/2022 Click Now
55 Mr. Rituraj Save Soil 13/05/2022
56 Ms. Sonja Picard Bling therapy 19/04/2022
57 Mr. Shivam An Interactive session on "EMOTIONAL WELLBEING" 12/10/22 Click Now
58 Sarah Schlosser Art of the Book 17/01/23 Click Now
59 Gabie Hugener Journey with Textiles, Art & Education 15/02/23 Click Now
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