Alumni Talks

As social change agents, IICD alumni are adding value in numerous work conditions, both in India and abroad. More than 500 alumni are working with the industry in key decision-making positions and are instrumental in shaping the future of the Crafts Industry.

IICD alumni are actively taking their knowledge to the grassroots levels, working towards enhancement of the craft of the country. IICD has always valued this resource and has involved the alumni within the future direction of the institute. Many alumni have established their studios, and social enterprises, which are excelling in the domain of entrepreneurial dynamics. Few of them are:- Studio Asao, KASSA, Studio Saswata, D-Cube, Aavaran, Ojjas, Iro Iro, Studio Trataka, Studio Forge, Dharan, Dheeraj Chhipa, Ek Nama, Keya and Nidhi, Kabbish, etc. Several alumni are associated with various design schools across the country as faculty and research associates. They are also being accepted in prestigious institutions for higher studies in India and abroad.

Swati Jangir, (Batch 2010-13)

She is the founder of Label Kasturi, is an alumnus of IICD Jaipur. Holding true to its identity, IICD instilled inside Swati the technical and design knowhow of Soft Materials, delicately and passionately balanced with pure love and intense care for the indigenous creations and creators, the crafts and the Craftsperson. The Birth of Kasturi resonates perfectly with her core inspirations and ideology. Kasturi works with several different techniques of traditional Indian handicrafts, such as Handloom Weaving (Durrie Weaving, Tangaliya Weaving, Pachhedi Weaving), Hand Block Printing (Ajarakh) and Tie and Dye, in the Kutch and Saurastra region of Gujarat, India. Kasturi designs for home and you and her each product reinforces the principle of an all inclusive sustainability, with an unadulterated concern for environmental, social, cultural and economical sustenance. It is a great fortune for the planet and all her children, that our young are blessed with such empathy and such care; that our young are aware and value protection and preservation; that they cherish the ideal of shared existence and existence of all.

Dheeraj Chhipa , (Batch 2011-15)

He is a new generation Craft designer from Bagru. He has inherited his love for block printing from his family, which is practicing the craft for more than four generations now. His passion got new definitions and new dimensions, and came to align itself with the principles of design and aesthetics, with sustainable creativity and utility and with the newer market philosophies and wants, during his education in Soft Material Application at IICD. After passing out in 2015, Dheeraj decided to apply this new learning to the age ripened craft with the accent hues of purposeful experimentation and innovation and launched his Label, ‘’Dheeraj Chhipa’’. His keen interest in Natural dyes and immense care for the revival of traditional designs and techniques became his strength. He developed an ardent affection for ‘Fadat printing’, a languishing craft, practiced and left by his family around 50 years back, and restarted it with a new vigour.

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