IICD has an exciting and vibrant community of almost 400 students who are curious to attend workshops and seminar regularly. Often, during these events, students take initiatives to create art illustrations, wall murals and other art works for display.

  1. Workshop on ‘Chikankari’ at the Kalhath Institute, Lucknow, January 2020
  2.  Art Exhibition hosted by Kota Heritage Society, Kota Art Gallery, 2020 (participant)
  3. 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends and Sustainability in Crafts and Design, IICD, Jaipur, 7th – 8th Nov. 2019
  4. Shilp Shala at IICD, 24-28th June 2019.
  5. The Art Exhibit at The India Story, Kolkata, 2018, (participant)
  6. Workshop on Rajasthan Blue Pottery, 24 Nov., 2018.
  7. Rajasthan Heritage Week, Jaipur: 23-26th Oct., 2018 (participant)
  8. 4th World Living Heritage Festival, Udaipur, 17-20 Oct., 2018, (participant)
  9. National symposium on folk and tribal art traditions, revival & sustenance, Jaipur: Co-organisor Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, 29 – 31 August 2018.
  10. 1st International Conference on Recent Trends and Sustainability in Crafts and Design, IICD, Jaipur, Nov. 2017.
  11. Pabhuji-ri-phad: Shri Madan Lal Bhopa and his team.
  12. Craft Symposium, 2016.
  13. International Crafts Exchange Programme: BRICS Organization.
  14. Vastra, 2015, (participant)
  15. The India Story, Kolkata, 2015, (participant).
  16. National Design Seminar by MSME, Jaipur.
  17. Workshop on “Prototyping / Piloting a Craft Based Business Model”
  18. Workshop on “Puppet (kathputali) making”
  19. Workshop on “Bamboo craft”
  20. Workshop on “Patwa jewellery” at FORHEX 2015, (participant)
  21. Stone Mart 2015, (participant)
  22. Start-up Boot-camp, 2015
  23. Workshop on “Marble Inlay”
  24. Workshop on “Sultana Craft”
  25. Workshop on “Pattu Weaving”
  26. Workshop on “Natural Dye and Printing Technique”
  27. Training of artisans from Afghanistan in Textiles. A one week training was organized at IICD to train artisans in various textile crafts specially embroidery.
  28. Training of artisans from Afghanistan in Mosaic. A one week exposure training program was conducted at IICD and industry to teach various methods of stone mosaic.
  29. NABARD Training Program. Two short training programs were conducted to train artisans to design souvenirs in various crafts of Rajasthan.
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