Hard Material Design (HMD)

(Wood, Stone, Metal)

The Hard Material Design course of IICD is a gateway to pursue a career in crafts and design industry. Whether one wishes to learn metal, stone or furniture design course, the Hard Material Design caters to all the designing needs and requirements of the students.

The specialisation exposes the students to various materials which include wood, metal and stone. The unique design course exposes them to techniques, production processes, traditional knowledge, skills, conceptual and design development to evolve a contemporary Indian craft repertoire. The pedagogy to teach Hard Material Design at IICD is ‘hands-on’ learning and includes extensive field study, research and learning from traditional and modern design techniques.

Unlike other designing course that measures the performance merely on the basis of tests and grades, progress of the students enrolled in the course at IICD is monitored through tutorials, group critiques, work reviews and seminars. All students must pass in individual subject modules and a formal end semester jury to progress to the subsequent semesters, when they are expected to direct their work towards a specified context.

The emphasis at IICD is strongly on learning to understand materials in their various forms and developing products that evolve out of the logic of the materials and its process, social and cultural vocabulary, besides the strict needs of function and use.

Career Prospects of Metal/Stone/Furniture Designing Course in India

There are bright career prospects for all the students enrolled with the Central University of Rajasthan recognized Metal/Stone/Furniture designing school – IICD. They are:

  • To work as crafts designer in design house.
  • To work as craft manager in NGOs and other social organisations.
  • To start enterprise in the field of metal, wood, stone, etc. and other crafts.
  • To work as researcher for different organisations.

Intake for Hard Material Design

The total intake at Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur for its hard material design i.e metal/stone/furniture design course is course is 25.
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