Fired Material Design (FMD)

(Ceramics, Earthware, Stoneware, Terracotta)

Fired Material Design at IICD is a ceramic design course that offers a comprehensive study in ceramics. Students involved in the course get to work with different types of clays from terracotta, earthenware and stoneware to bone china and porcelain bodies.The ceramic designing at the institution covers processes like forming, glazing, firing, fusing, surface design and decoration. IICD has set up a fully functioning laboratory with various types of clays, minerals, oxides and chemicals required for low fired earthenware to high fired bone china. This imparts the knowledge of artistic practice as done by studio potters and designers.

Under the Central University of Rajasthan recognized ceramic design course at IICD, classroom projects are carried out in terracotta clusters and students get to work with potters from various parts of the country. Also, the ceramic industrial design and aspects of mass manufacturing are learnt on site by the students in ceramic factories during the industrial projects. The institute has tied up with brands like ClayCraft and Dileep trading which are known internationally for their best practices.

There are bright career prospects for the graduates of ceramic design course. Also, they are increasingly building a strong base for revival, sustenance and evolution of craft traditions in India and across the globe. The course is structured to gear its graduate as entrepreneurs and set up their studios.

Career Prospects for the Graduates of Ceramic Designing Course

Graduates of the FMD programme build excellent hand building and modeling skill here at IICD. This gives them an edge in working with materials once they graduate. Amongst many prospects some are:

  • Tableware industry and
  • Design studios
  • Ceramic and Glass Studios
  • Studio pottery
  • NGO’s
  • Graduates are also encouraged to be entrepreneurs and set up their own units.
  • Tile industry
  • Export houses

Intake: 25 Seats
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