Director’s Message

“The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD) is a unique institute as it focuses on the understanding, promotion, design development, design intervention, marketing intervention and sustainability of Indian crafts. In today’s world where globalization and mass consumption are the buzz words, the craft sector faces a threat of extinction without proper support. India is rich in its handicraft traditions. IICD offers courses which target various crafts practiced in the country.”

These include Soft Material Design in textiles, leather and paper; Hard Material Design in wood, metal and stone; Fired Material Design in pottery, ceramics and glass and Fashion Design. It presents a holistic view of Crafts and Design to the aspiring designers, in which design is focused as a balanced amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality.

Like the 19th century ‘Art and craft movement’ which shunned the mediocrity of mass production and focused on the niche qualities of the hand crafted, Indian Institute of Crafts & Design inculcates the love for quality, design and uniqueness of craftsmanship in its students. Students benefit from the various platforms that IICD has to offer. International exchange for mutual benefit, exposure to talks by skilled craftsmen and eminent experts, participation in national and international workshops and seminars, representation at prestigious events and exhibitions and an environment soaked in creativity, furnish an atmosphere conducive of an empathetic interactive learning. In November 2017, IICD had organised its first international conference on recent trends and sustainability in crafts and design, with the view of increasing the visibility of researchers in this area. In 2019 November, we successfully hosted the second edition of this International conference.

Our dedication to the Gandhian ideals of sustainability, compassionate pledge of a harmonious coexistence with nature and commitment to the upliftment of Indian Handicrafts community materialised in the Gandhi Exhibition organised by IICD at JKK, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the father of this nation. November 2019 also wished a fruitful future to a new batch of IICD graduates at its seventh convocation ceremony. The occasion was graced by the gracious presence of Shri Ashok Gehlot ji, the Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan. In this 25th year of inception of IICD, I invite all the enthusiastic aspiring designers to be a part of this ecosystem where the essence is that of responsible design, sustainable crafts and community awareness.

Dr. Toolika Gupta

Director, IICD

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