Campus Map


IICD is well equipped with library and also there are laboratories, machines and equipment's for students to work on their projects.


Hostel facility is present for girls within the campus and boys hostel is present at a central location within the city.


IICD has open grounds for sports like Badminton, Volley Ball, Table Tennis. IICD is well equipped with playgrounds and sports equipment.

List of Student Club

There is a students activity council (SAC) which caters to all the activities of the students such as cultural events, and other supports.

Student Discipline

This student handbook is a guide to help you get from here to graduation successfully. Its purpose is to state policies regarding fees, attendance, general conduct, evaluation process and facilities. Please download to read the Student Handbook. Student Handbook 2017-18 (Click to Download the Student Handbook

IICD Life Overview

The learning at IICD happens in a vibrant climate of experimentation and innovation.The lush green ,tranquil campus provides the ideal setting for creative education.

The student mix is hand-picked from some of the most diverse walks of life. This diversity has resulted in rich experiential learning and appreciation of varied cultures and tastes.

IICD students have access to extensive studio facilities and professionally staffed labs in textiles,wood,metal,ceramics and fashion.In addition to these resources , IICD provides resources including design library, computer labs, galleries,archives and exhibition facilities, that are available to all students.

Situated in the heart of Jaipur,IICD students live,work and pursue their dreams in one of the great cultural and craft cities of the world.The city ‘Jaipur’ is one of the most important learning experience at IICD.

Life at IICD if about nurturing the minds through classroom and on field practice.

Campus Life

At IICD students are encouraged to explore their skills and find their own design approach towards craft through regular interaction with crafts people, industry experts, and domain experts. The learning's are utilized in their diploma and industry projects too.

Students are engaged in extra curricular activities and cultural events where they celebrate festivals and organize the students' Fest "Chaupad".