Soft Material Design (SMD)

Leather, Paper, Natural Fiber & Textile Designing Course

There are many passionate individuals who look forward to pursuing either a leather, paper, or fabric design course in India. They teach textile design in Jaipur and leather design courses, which are the ladders to reach new heights in the crafts and design industry of the nation and even the world. Numerous textile design colleges are present in India. The Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RiSU) recognized Soft Material Design (SMD) course at IICD, a textile design college, offers a full-fledged UG Degree Programme in textile designing, leather, paper, natural fiber. The course teaches textile, leather, paper, and natural fiber designing to 25 design aspirants with a constant focus on enhancing their creative ability. The leather/paper/fabric design course employs traditional and innovative skills to provide valuable guidance while exploring evolving materials and technology.

For students looking for a UG Degree Programme, Soft Material Design at IICD is a perfect choice. The learnings at this course demand a challenging and dynamic environment to explore the creative interface between the materials and the making.

The paper/textile/leather design course employs several multidisciplinary and collaborative efforts to express the breadth of soft materials through the context of ‘Body’ and ‘Space’ where:

  • The Body involves the surface design of fabrics and construction for fashion accessories and clothing.
  • Space incorporates design for the built environment, interiors, home furnishings, textile furniture, and accessories.

FAQ Page

What is the soft material design course?
Under SMD, a student is trained to work with textiles, fabrics, leather, paper, and natural fiber. Using SMD materials, a student is taught to design different products.
What is taught under the soft material design course at IICD?
IICD offers its students a great curriculum that helps them to design and manufacture different products using leather, paper, and natural fibers. Along with a good curriculum, students get practical exposure, which helps them to stand strong in the competitive market.
What is the total number of seats available at IICD for the SMD course?
SMD is taught over a duration of four years, and the intake for this course is 25 students.
What is the scope after completing the SMD course?
A student has a wide range of scope after completing the SMD course. They can take a job in the fashion industry, craft industry, work with large retail companies, or even start their own business.
Why is it wise to choose IICD for the SMD course?
Completing the SMD course from IICD would prove to be a great career choice. This is because, in the four-year course, a student learns in detail about all the material and their manufacturing processes. Apart from theoretical knowledge, a person also obtains practical exposure.
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