Craft Design Awards 2023

Announcement of IICD Craft Design Awards 2023

Award Value Rs. 21,000/-

Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur announces the IICD Craft Design Awards 2023.

The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD) is an autonomous Institute set up by the Government of Rajasthan, in 1995 to act as a catalyst of change in the craft sector. Presently, it is being managed by Ambuja Educational Institute (AEI) under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The main objective of IICD is to generate knowledge, upgrade skills and foster attitudes in order to develop highly motivated change agents in the craft sector. The Institute has pioneered a learning experience for craft design education in the country. It is a unique institution that is synergizing traditional knowledge and skills with contemporary needs to evolve methodologies that are relevant to modern India. The concept of IICD is unique and highly relevant for our country.

In the 25th Year of its existence in 2020, IICD instituted the Annual Craft Design Awards in the memory of people who were the leaders to initiate craft & design development and education in India. This is to pay tribute to the stalwarts of the country who have done exemplary work in the craft sector and name the awards after them.

The categories under which the awards would be given are as under:

  1. Kamaladevi Chatopadhyay Award for ‘Social Impact in the Craft Sector’
  2. Pupul Jayakar Award for ‘Craft Entrepreneurship’
  3. Suresh Neotia Award for ‘New Generation Crafts Person’
  4. Kripal Singh Shekhawat Award for ‘Innovation in Craft Design’
  5. M.P. Ranjan Award for contribution in ‘Craft Design Education’

Nominations are open to all person/persons/organizations/institutions in order to enable broad based consideration without distinction of gender, caste, creed, religion, geographical location. Nominations/recommendations would be received online and or in hard copy by registered post and have to be duly filled with all relevant details specified in the format available on IICD website.

Judging Criteria For Awards

  • Kamaladevi Chatopadhyay Award for Social Impact in the Craft Sector

Recognizes the person/persons/organizations who have done exemplary work for the development of the craft, craft sector and craft community by impacting life, increasing livelihood, creating social upliftment and or any other action through which social impact has been made in the country.

  1. The depth and width of impact
  2. Revival / reform / upliftment of crafts and community
  3. Capacity building and livelihood generation
  • Pupul Jayakar Award for Craft Entrepreneurship

Recognizes an enterprise / entrepreneur of the craft sector which has brought about economic transformation impacting society and environment.

  1. Economic transformation in craft sector through the enterprise
  2. Enterprise having scaling up capacity to create maximum impact on the craft and communities
  3. The enterprise being sustainable with reduced or zero carbon footprints
  • Suresh Neotia Award for New Generation Crafts Person

Recognizes a young crafts person who has done commendable work in carrying forward a traditional craft or revived a craft or developed a new craft which has made a difference to the craft sector in general affecting life of communities

  1. A young generation crafts person upper age limit of 30 years
  2. Anyone from traditional craft family taking his / her craft forward
  3. A young new person carrying forward a traditional craft
  • Kripal Singh Shekhawat Award for Innovation in Craft Design

Recognizes  any person / organization who has innovated and has come up with new technique, technology, process, product, material or through any other creative act which has made a difference in the craft sector affecting livelihood and life of people in the country

  1. Creation of new material, technique and process in craft
  2. Creation of path breaking product development in craft
  3. Innovation to encourage sustainability in craft and community
  • M.P Ranjan Award for contribution in Craft Design Education

Recognizes person / persons / organization who have impacted the craft sector through education of artisans or other persons who thereby create change in the craft scenario changing the perspective and bringing about progressive change in the country

  1. Contributed through education to create maximum reach and impact to craft and craft persons
  2. Educate / train craft persons to bring about change in their craft, livelihood and overall life
  3. Through education made an impact on the craft community by creating students who worked towards upliftment of craft sector

Process of Nomination

Self-nomination, Nominated by committee, Nominated by any other person


  1. Nominees who got Award last year need not apply
  2. Others who had applied earlier may apply again