Undergraduate Design

What is a B. Design course ?

A b.design course in India is done by the students passionate about creating their careers in the design industry. This bachelor of design degree makes the students fully capable of exploring their potential and grab the opportunities lined-up after completing the course. Students can learn real-time lessons that would not be otherwise possible. The faculties and mentors fully motivate the learners to sharpen their skills and become future leaders in this field.

What is the eligibility for a B. Design course in Jaipur?

In general, the eligibility criteria to get into a b.design course in India are essential that the entrants must have completed successfully there 10+2. The students must also have the creative mind of flare, which keeps them pushed and motivated to explore their full potential once they get into here. Besides, many colleges in India require an entrance examination before admission to a degree in fashion design . IICD also conducts a test which requires the candidate to have the following capabilities:
  • General awareness
  • Creativity
  • Color perception
  • Conceptualization
  • Material perception
  • Decision making

Career options after a bachelor of design degree?

Since there are several fields and subfields within the design industry, the learners have a wide augment of options to choose from the list. Generally, at the initial level, the students go for assistant positions and as trainees. Still, if they have done their bachelor of design course from a reputed institute, then they have many opportunities that may help them to build a good fortune. Consequently, they can level up in any organization to more significant positions and responsibilities. There are many fields and functions in design, like product design manager, purchases manager, senior designer, curator, merchandiser, catalog designer, graphic designer, etc. The students can also start with their own business if they wish to do so.

Admission process for a b.design course?

The b.design course in Jaipur requires the students to have an exam at the primary stage; this exam is permissible based on their class twelfth result if they are going for a bachelor of design degree . Secondly, if they are going for a course for the master of design India , they must take the exam accordingly. Also, if the candidate's stature is successful in the preliminary round, they are eligible for the following rounds that will include a round of interviews. During the interview, the candidate may be judged for his capabilities of:
  • Design thinking
  • Creativity
  • Color concept's
  • Material concepts
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Technicalities of the design
  • Industry knowledge, etc
  • Overall academic journey
  • Co-curricular
  • General knowledge

The assessment for the NRI students is carried out on the same lines as detailed above. For the course's specified duration, NRI candidates should obtain a valid residency permit or a student visa. If the applicant is unable to travel for the interview, the following documents can be emailed in advance before the face-to-face online/offline interview:

  • Purpose Statement
  • Samples of a portfolio or function


There are several design colleges in India, but IICD differs from their practical training and education. IICD is one of the best colleges offering education that promises training that focuses on the personal and skill development of the student and helps him/her to become an excellent individual in the designing field.

FAQ on B.Des courses in India

1What is the approach for the course?
The courses are a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that emphasizes understanding the subject, technique, background, and industry input.
2Which companies visit the campus for students' placements?
Titan, Good Earth, Dileep Industries, FabIndia, Jaipur Rugs, Tata Ceramics, Manthan, etc. and a few more businesses.
3Does the course provide practical training?
Yes, the course involves internships, industrial visits, and hands-experience.
4Who will be the faculties?
The faculties in the b.design course are experts from the industry with years of expertise and experience in their respective fields.
5What are the job prospects?
The job prospects are really high and good for the creative and deserved candidates who successfully complete their b. Design courses.
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