Foreign Students

Viola Bordon

Washington University in St. Louis
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art 2018

Grants: John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Award 2018

Viola’s fervour won her the John T. Milliken foreign travel grant, and she came to Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD) for a period of three months in 2018. At IICD, she is integrated into different departments to enhance her understanding of crafts like leather, stone inlay, tarkashi, woodwork, enamelling, blue pottery and many more.

Helen Campbell

SMS PG 2018-2020

Why I chose IICD to do my M.Voc in soft materials !!

Prior to my application to IICD I researched various textile courses all over India.From my understanding, IICD is unique in that it is the only college that specialises specifically in promoting the sustainability of Traditional Arts and Crafts of India as an integral aspect of its instructional vision and learning approach. The Rajasthan region I also discovered, has a rich source and variety of crafts including differentprinting, sewing and dying techniques within its textile traditions. Having lived in Japan for 5 years prior to coming to India, I could see similar, yet very different! craft connections between these two cultures (the traditional Ukiyo-e printing,shibori and sashiko stitching etc) and the concept of how I would like to try and fuse these cultural inspirations in the development of my design and artwork while on the course began to formulat

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