Chairperson Academic Council’s Message

The value of craft skills are increasing in today’s knowledge economy with ‘handmade’ offerings representing a unique proposition for superior value. Today, the world is seriously examining the place of craft in the creative economy. India has a competitive advantage in this regard as the craft sector is the second largest employment provider in the rural India, second only to agriculture.
As crafts move into the centre stage of creative economies, one of the crucial issues is the development of a new cadre of young professionals dedicated to the sector. The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD) was established with the objective of synergizing traditional knowledge and skills with contemporary needs and trends. IICD’s goal has been to create leaders in the craft sector who will support positive transformations in the craft community.
Today, craft cannot exist in isolation and has to interact with other disciplines. Globalisation, along with new markets and opportunities, has created new challenges related to competetion, sustainability, technology and intellectual property, among others. IICD has clearly recognized these challenges and offers programmes with a multidisciplinary approach that address the particular challenges affecting the Indian craft sector. Over the past decade, IICD has evolved into a vibrant centre of experiment and innovation in the craft sector. It has broadened and deepened its academic horizons by introducing new, cutting-edge academic programmes. With newly added resources and infrastructure facilities, IICD consistently strives towards sustained academic development.
The spirit of excellence has been constantly nurtured and maintained at IICD under the guidance of the Governing Council and other members of the craft & design fraternity. The Director General and faculty at IICD have successfully integrated the course curriculum together with industry engagement, while keeping pace with dynamic development in craft & design education.
Craft act as a vital bridge between the past and the present. I invite you to join IICD and be a stakeholder in the vibrant journey of the world of crafts.

Rathi Vinay Jha

Chairperson, Academic Council, IICD