The Rajasthani Pride: Gota Patti

Also called “Lappe Ka Kaam”, Gota Patti is one of the most famous arts of the Indian State – Rajasthan. Lappe Ka Kaam was traditionally made on religious idols, prayer cloths, royal outfits and attire designed for auspicious occasions such as a wedding.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest; Pin: Gota Patti Lappe ka Kaam

The Gota (or ribbons) were previously made of gold and silver. However, in the recent time, the craftspeople found its alternative in the form of cotton and metal threads. These ribbons are cut and molded into different shapes such as circles, leaves, dots, squares, etc. One the desired shape has been achieved, they are then hemmed on the cloth’s border to enhance its elegance.

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To undertake “Lappe Ka Kaam”, the Gota shapes are glued on the fabric. Further, to strengthen their hold on the cloth, they are then appliqued with stitches. In fact, the modern Gota shapes now come with tapes on their back. These tapes ensure that the shapes stay firm on the fabric once they are pasted.