A Sneak Peek at Ek Taar Embroidery

Image Source: www.pinterest.com ‘Ek Taar’ is one wire in Hindi and a form of embroidery that is primarily done on the garments of both men and women. It was traditionally done using a single strand of thin metal in sync with crystal work on the clothes. While in many other stitching techniques, the thread remains […]

Daboo: The Art of Mud Printing

Image Source: www.aaradhyacreation.com A mud-resist hand-block fabric printing method, Daboo printing is practiced in Rajasthan and known for its sublime look and quality. The fabric art is considered as one of the most effort consuming arts of India. It involves a lot of manual work, processes, and uses natural dyes as well as the paste […]

Design Team of Sheridan College, Canada at IICD under “CoDesign Abroad” Programme

A team of design students and faculty from Sheridan College, Canada visited IICD as part of the `CoDesign Abroad` Programme. CoDesign Abroad (CoDA) is a social enterprise based in Toronto Canada that facilitates immersive, collaborative, design-based projects across the globe between students and underserved communities. The team did a campus tour of IICD,exploring all the […]

Bandhani or Indian Tie & Dye Technique: How it all started?

The word ‘Bandhani’ traces back its origin from the word ‘Bandhan’ meaning tying up. Bandhani is an old practice of art that prevails in the Indian State of Rajasthan and Gujarat and it started around 5000 years ago. Cities like Jaipur, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Ajmer and Sikar of Rajasthan and Jamnagar of Gujarat are renowned centers […]

An Overview of The Royal Footwear: Punjabi Juttis

Image Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org The versatile, durable and one of the oldest materials, leather was once used to adorn the feet of the Kings. The same material, later on, went on to become the raw material for not just sturdy shoes for the mass, but also for exquisite footwear symbolizing royalty. Over the course of time, […]