A Peek at Bamboo and Cane Crafts in India

Bamboo Crafts in India are well-known crafts. All thanks to its eco-friendly attributes for making it a prominent craft form. From centuries, bamboo crafts had been on an apex position as India is one of the largest producers of bamboo as well as the cane. The bamboo craft has been giving a jump to the expression of tribal art and also providing the families a means of livelihood.

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India is a home to skillful artistry, and this is one of the reasons that bamboo craft developed in the country very soon. Also, with the changing trend as well as style, the craft has developed and artistically mingled tradition with fashion.

The Indian craftsmen are no less than anyone in taking bamboo crafts to a new height. They are dexterous in making arrays of bamboo items that are not only popular in India but also in abroad. Along with producing bamboo craft items, the artisans add variations to their creations. These items are locally famous by the names ‘Harua’, ‘Golla’, Sundi, Barjali, etc.

Items made from Bamboo

Broadly, the articles made out of bamboo are divided into two categories. Firstly, there are articles required for regular use. For instance, baskets, Chalani, Kula, Tali, etc. Then there are articles of the finest quality, for example, Mugs for Rice Beer, Hukkas, Musical Instruments, etc. The latter are the articles that are ornamental and functional to cater to the needs of sophisticated markets. West Bengal and Tripura are some of the Indian States known to make these high-end Bamboo Products.

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Assam, one of the Indian States, is also blessed with abundant raw materials and therefore, it is a home to a large variety of beautiful products. Some of them are baskets, toys, chalani, etc. available in different size and designs. One of the specialties of the North-East region is Umbrella made out of bamboo.

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Then there are bamboo mats, which are highly used to construct temporary walls and sheds, big pandals, etc.


Cane is another craft form that is gaining popularity in India. Generally, three species of cane are available in commercial quantities. They are Jati, Tita and Lejai. Other categories of cane that are extracted make designs are Suni and Raidang.

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It is used in making baskets, trays, and other useful objects. The nucleus of the cane stick and the strips are taken in use to make elegant yet fancy articles. Walajpet of Vellore District is one such place in India that is famous for cane articles.

Bamboo and Cane – The Epitome of Craft in India

Bamboo and cane crafts are praised all across India and even in many other countries. Even the government is pondering to taking giant steps in order to promote the tribal craft internationally to capture a significant chunk of the international market. The government is also striving to preserve and protect this spinal cord of country’s rural economy.